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We are a family-run business located in Ann Arbor with over 20 years of home service experience. We clean gutters and install gutter guards. 

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I’m Todd Whalen. I thank you for interest in our services. We would love to work for you! 

We offer gutter cleaning and gutter guard installation.  To get a quote please click below. 

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Some recent photos of our work.

We take pictures of your homes' gutters so we can show you what's in there. Just a standard part of our service for you.  What's the likely hood of you getting out a ladder to check our work?  Probably very small.  This is a way we can show you what we did for you. 


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2091 Stratton Ct.
Ann Arbor, MI, 48108, US

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We are a family-run company based in Ann Arbor Michigan. We have over 20 years experience in performing home services. We clean gutters, do gutter guard installation. We offer incredible warranties on our products we install and on our workmanship. 

Whalen Home Services